About Khalifa University Alumni Association

The aim of the KU Alumni Association is to provide a point of contact between former students and the University through social and professional networking. Khalifa University is proud of its graduates as they stand as testament of the achievements made to date.

With the growth of the University in an increasingly competitive environment, it is now essential for Khalifa University to operate a comprehensive, well coordinated Alumni Association. It is our wish that graduates of Khalifa University play an active role in the ongoing life of the University and that a strong, lifelong relationship of mutual benefit is sustained between the University and its alumni.

The University would like to engage as many graduates as possible in the successful establishment of its Alumni.

The Alumni Office at Khalifa University was established to enhance the relationship between the university and its alumni. Our office main target is to provide comprehensive support and services for all Khalifa University alumni such as training opportunities, employment opportunities, outreach programs and more. We are also dedicated to assist the association with the planning and implementation of events, development and training programs and other activities. The Alumni office will also serve to provide a liaison between the alumni and the larger community.

Khalifa University offers its alumni a number of benefits. For example: